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Dealing With A Dirty Duct?

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Your dryer vents are home to a variety of pests, bacteria, and allergens. Keep your home healthy with regular dryer vent cleaning. You’ll thank us later.

Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Our Dryer vent cleaning included 6 feet of vent hose. Protect Yourself – Duct fires are no joke—1/3 of all house fires started from dryer vents or clothes dryers. We can ensure your dryer’s not a fire hazard so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind.

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Standard Duct Work Cleaning Package

Our patented Pure Air Care System, operated by our expertly trained technicians, cleans the inside of your ductwork while each and every register is thoroughly cleaned by a second technician who removes each cover, vacuums out the boot, wipes down the interior of the boot, vacuums off the register cover and installs it back in its original location.

We don’t use Collum or Stevenson, which is basically a piece of rubber or plastic that runs through your ductwork. We use brushes that actually scrub the ducts, and then use a negative air device that suctions up any dirt and debris that has been removed to get your air ducts 100% clean.

Unlike some of the other companies that can only guarantee 70–80% clean up, there’s never any grime or leftover debris left behind.


Standard Duct Work Cleaning Plus Package

Our Plus package includes all the same features as our Standard Duct Work Cleaning, but with the additional Dryer Vent Cleaning using the exact patented  System. In some situations, we replace the flexible line as well. Bundling these together results in a 10% savings.


Advance Duct Work Cleaning Package

Our Advance air duct cleaning package combines all the same features as our Standard Duct Work Cleaning with dryer vent cleaning plus UV Light sanitation. This package will allow you to  maximize the benefits of newly cleaned duct work by  adding UV Light sanitation inside the duck work.

These help keep the air in your home completely sanitized, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi, while also helping to remove odors for cleaner, healthier air. Bundling them together will result in a 15% savings.

Did you know that dirty dryer vents are the 2nd leading cause of home fires? 

Fire Hazard: Dirty Dryer Vents.

Cleaning your dryer vent is important because it prevents lint buildup, fires and potential carbon monoxide poisoning.
Stay safe this winter season by getting rid of hazardous laundry room conditions before it’s too late.
Let us give you peace of mind for less money than you think possible.

Dirty dryer vents not only affect drying time but also produce lint buildup and release allergens.

With a Pure Air Care dryer vent cleaning service we’ll remove lint, debris and allergens from your system quickly and effectively.

Experience total peace of mind knowing your family is breathing pure air through the vents in their home.
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Dirty dryer vents don’t just make your clothes smell terrible, they can cause serious fire hazards.
For some people this would mean having to replace their washer and dryer — after only 6 months.
That won’t happen if you clean those vents once a year with Pure Air Care (free with a full system clean!).

Dirty dryer vents can cause serious fire hazards. Have yours cleaned today by Pure Aircare Indoor air specialists and prevent possible disaster.

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Advance Air Duct Cleaning

We offer professional air duct cleaning services that guarantee safe, clean vents at affordable prices.

UV Indoor Air Sanitation

The Ultraviolet UV Sanitation system is the only way to achieve sanitized air with out chemicals in your home.

Air Duct Electrostatic Sanitation

Fight flu and other infections at home. Learn more about electrostatic air duct disinfection for your home or office!