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Do you have a weird smell in your house or an odor that just won’t go away? The answer to this issue could be in your duct work. With the amount of air that gets circulated throughout your home, it only makes sense that over time, dust, bacteria and allergens will settle in your air ducts.

Many homeowners do not think about this problem because they either cannot see the build-up inside the ducts, or can’t reach it themselves to clean it properly. This is why you need experienced, thorough professionals to handle this difficult cleaning chore. Pure AirCare can thoroughly inspect your air ducts and clean them out, using high-powered equipment that will complete the job properly.

If you’re a skeptic, you’re probably wondering if it actually works. We at Pure AirCare have camera ready equipment in theWestern New York (WNY). This means we actually show you what your ducts looked like before and after the air duct cleaning. Our company serves Western New York and surrounding areas. We are a veteran-owned and operated and were so happy to now serving our community. Call us today and breath the difference!

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Mechanical Cleaning Techniques

Mechanical cleaning techniques are among the different duct systems cleaning techniques. They are best employed to clean specific HVAC components, including the internal surfaces of the air handling units, dampers, diffusers, fan components, and ductwork. These methods incorporate several techniques to agitate, dislodge, contain, and remove different materials from the HVAC system. To do this right, when a mechanical cleaning technique is used, you have to employ strict controls or physical barriers and devices that have HEPA filtered exhausts. You also have to contain and collect debris using negative system pressure.

Examples of agitation devices used are hand and power brushes, and pressure air. HEPA Certified Negative Air Machines are used in collecting the dislodged particular debris. The HEPA systems used must have the right capture velocity and connect to a service opening running continuously. Some areas of the HVAC system may disassembly of duct work to remove debris or organic material, direct mechanical brushing will be employed using a brush is employed.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

There are several methods employed to clean the HVAC system. They include the use of biocides or chemical sanitizers and mechanical techniques. The factors that decide the type of cleaning used include access to the area, the type of contamination, and the system components. Irrespective of which method we choose for the cleaning process, the scope of the HVAC system to be cleaned includes every interior surface associated with the air distribution system. This covers every component from which air is discharged into the environment to those through which air returns to the system for conditioning the system.

What Our Customers Say...

Christie M Avatar
Christie M
1/19/2022 – Google

I would highly recommend having PureAir come out and clean your heating vents & ducts. Jay & Amanda were very professional and informative on the process. They worked very well together. I will recommend them to family and friends.

Jeff Weber Avatar
Jeff Weber
1/14/2022 – Google

Jay and Amanda were excellent! Very quick and efficient. Would definitely recommend to friends and family and will be using Pure Aircare for our future duct cleanings!

Amorita Latello Avatar
Amorita Latello
1/12/2022 – Google

This is the second time I ever had to use a duct cleaning company and I will always continue to use this company ! They are amazing. Brian and Jerry were the best to work with and I highly recommend them ! Very satisfied with everything .

Brandon Engel Avatar
Brandon Engel
9/19/2021 – Google

Aaron and Amanda did a great job! very professional and attentive. they were extremely thorough, and i will surely use them again!

Sara Doxey Avatar
Sara Doxey
9/12/2021 – Google

Leigh & Justin came out and cleaned the ducts and vents. They were very professional, polite and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond and also helped with a central air problem that I have been having. Would definitely use Pure AirCare again.

Heidi Dashnaw Avatar
Heidi Dashnaw
9/12/2021 – Google

Amanda and Lee did an amazing job! Very professional and no mess. Definitely use them again and I highly recommend.