You need to ask yourself what am I paying for?

Pure Air Care has been providing high quality duct cleaning services since 2008. We are not only affordable but provide the most bang for your buck when you consider what job we do! You need to ask yourself – Do I want my air conditioning system or HVAC work done? All companies aren’t created equal; unless they’re certified by National Air Duct Association (NADA) then there’s no way know if it will be good enough because of how cheap some places can get away with charging without caring about anything else except making money off customers as quickly possible which ends up costing them more later down the road. Choose wisely!

Pure Aircare is one of only two companies in the area that are properly cleaning your air ducks. Our Negative air pressure duct cleaning machine ( aka Big Blue) is the proper way  to clean your air duct rather than the alternative forced-air methods that Stanley Steamer uses, which can leave your home often worse off than before you had the service completed. It relies on a vacuum that creates negative pressure in your system, sucking out all of the contaminants like dust and bacteria; it also purifies our precious breathing space by removing any mold spores or other dirt inside this section which would otherwise make you sick if not properly cleaned! This technique leaves you without having deal With pesky allergens causing problems such as asthma attacks when they come into contact with ther surfaces found around homes. Your air ducts are turly 100% clean. The competitor is NOT using this machine and can make your HVAC system worse off!