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Commercial  and Residental Air Duct Cleaning in Williamsville, NY, Amherst, NY, Clarence, NY & All Of Western New York

  • Sean Insalaco Avatar
    Sean Insalaco
    9/24/2021 – Google

    I have owned my house since 1992. Never had the ducts cleaned. I was really concerned that it would be a messy and time consuming process. Pure AirCare was in and out in 2 hours with no mess at all. Our ducts were very dirty and they are now spotless. Our technicians, Jay and Amanda were very professional. They told, and then showed, me how they were going to clean the ducts. They were very quick and quiet. When they showed me the before and after pictures of my ducts, I was shocked at the difference. Well done Pure AirCare.

    Kristin Piotrowski Avatar
    Kristin Piotrowski
    9/23/2021 – Google

    Pure AirCare just finished here and we are so happy with their service. Brian and Dom were polite, professional and respectful. My two year old followed them around the entire time and they could not have been more patient. And now that the work is done, you would never even know they were here because they cleaned up every trace of their work. Thank you!

    Brandon Engel Avatar
    Brandon Engel
    9/19/2021 – Google

    Aaron and Amanda did a great job! very professional and attentive. they were extremely thorough, and i will surely use them again!

    Sara Doxey Avatar
    Sara Doxey
    9/12/2021 – Google

    Leigh & Justin came out and cleaned the ducts and vents. They were very professional, polite and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond and also helped with a central air problem that I have been having. Would definitely use Pure AirCare again.

    Heidi Dashnaw Avatar
    Heidi Dashnaw
    9/12/2021 – Google

    Amanda and Lee did an amazing job! Very professional and no mess. Definitely use them again and I highly recommend.

    Cheryl Rodems Avatar
    Cheryl Rodems
    9/05/2021 – Google

    The experience was excellent from the first contract through the completion of the job. I had my air ducts and dryer vent cleaned last month by Jay and Amanda. They were very personable and did an excellent, professional job. I would highly recommend them.

    nichole brothers Avatar
    nichole brothers
    9/03/2021 – Google

    Justin and Lee came out to clean out my ducts and vents today. They were absolutely wonderful to deal with!! Both guys were very pleasant, friendly and thorough. They even showed us before and after pictures.

    Melissa Mroziak Avatar
    Melissa Mroziak
    8/26/2021 – Google

    This was my first time using Pure AirCare and was incredibly pleased! Jay and Amanda were professional and knowledgeable, not to mention friendly and respectful of our home during the service. I will definitely use their services again when the time comes, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

    Matthew Vogan Avatar
    Matthew Vogan
    8/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were very professional and got the job done in a couple hours. They left the house as clean as when they arrived and the ducts practically as clean as when they were installed. I highly recommend this company!

    Keli Iles Hernandez Avatar
    Keli Iles Hernandez
    8/26/2021 – Google

    Leigh and Jerry were both very professional and thorough. They went above and beyond. We noticed a difference right away after the ducts were cleaned. I highly recommend this service!

    Samantha Purpora Avatar
    Samantha Purpora
    8/26/2021 – Google

    My parents Barb and Lou used Pure AirCare to clean their dryer vent to the outside. They called and Pure Air send Amanda and Jay out with in 1/2 an hour. They were fabulous! My parents are so pleased and now have a reliable service!

    Alison Sullivan Avatar
    Alison Sullivan
    8/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were here today to clean our vents. Worked very well together! They did a great job and were very efficient! Very excited to have clean vents and air! Awesome job guys!

    Philip Waclawski Avatar
    Philip Waclawski
    8/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda just finished up. The service they provided was beyond my expectation for a first time user of the service. Pictures were provided and the steps I asked about were explained. Great service, but better people! Already thinking of 5 years or sooner for another cleaning.

    Michael Jungier Avatar
    Michael Jungier
    8/18/2021 – Google

    Get this done! Aaron and his team at Pure AirCare were awesome. From the booking to the final clean up, everything was great. Aaron showed me pictures through out the entire process and wow, I’m so glad we got this done. The amount of dust, garbage, bacteria was unreal. Super professional team. No doubt the best in the area. Thanks guys!

    Natalie Vogl Avatar
    Natalie Vogl
    8/18/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda cleaned our ducts this morning (and yikes did they need to be cleaned) and I couldn’t be happier with their professionalism and work ethic. They were on time, efficient and very clean. As a mom home with a baby, I appreciated their willingness to work around my son’s nap schedule and even more, they put all my furniture back in place and replaced all the old screws in my duct. Before they even left, my mom was already on her way to booking them for her home. Would recommend 10/10!

    Jo BELKOTA Avatar
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Justin and Jerry did an awesome job with the duct cleaning and explained the process thoroughly. I appreciated everything. I highly recommend Pure AirCare for duct work cleaning and definitely would have Justin and Jerry back to assist me again! Thank you Justin! Thank you Jerry!

    Amanda Ruckh Avatar
    Amanda Ruckh
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Jay & Amanda were excellent! They were on time, efficient, and cleaned up after their work was complete.

    Caitlin Michels Avatar
    Caitlin Michels
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were absolutely wonderful. Not only did they do a fantastic job cleaning and sanitizing our heat/air conditioning ducts, but they were also extremely wonderful with my dog and my daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend!

    Unstoppable Gaming Avatar
    Unstoppable Gaming
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate were great they cleaned the ducts out extremely well and we’re very nice, funny, and professional. Great guys.👍👍👍

    Lori Ameno Avatar
    Lori Ameno
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate were so funny and really cool people very professional and they did an amazing job.

    Darlene Sawicki Avatar
    Darlene Sawicki
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate were great to work with. They explained everything they did as it was being done. I would recommend them to all my friends and family!!!

    Katie Fay Avatar
    Katie Fay
    7/26/2021 – Google


    Kim Kashorek Avatar
    Kim Kashorek
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Justin and Jerry did a great job cleaning out our ducts. They were on time, friendly and courteous of our home. I would highly recommend them!

    tammy Upton Avatar
    tammy Upton
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda cleaned our ducts this morning and did a great job. They arrived on time and were very professional and very patient with our dogs. I would highly recommend this company .

    jim oconnell Avatar
    jim oconnell
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did an outstanding job cleaning are vents and ducts very professional and friendly I will be recommending your company to friends and faimly for sure.

    Savanah Scott Avatar
    Savanah Scott
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate did an excellent job! Very pleasant personalities. The air feels cleaner already. Would definitely recommend!

    Aaron Broome Avatar
    Aaron Broome
    7/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were excellent, prompt and courteous! I would highly recommend them for any job.

    Lori Caldwell Avatar
    Lori Caldwell
    7/26/2021 – Google

    I’m over the top!!! There hasn’t been a day in the ten yrs that we lived here that I didn’t have to dust. Rented for awhile then bought the house not knowing if the ducts were EVER serviced. Techs Justin and Jerry (Shout out from NF) were awesome. Walked us through teach step of the process. Very nice Guys and professional. Would highly recommend!

    Danielle Banaszak Avatar
    Danielle Banaszak
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Jay & Amanda were prompt, professional & courteous! We were so pleased with the work they did cleaning out our air ducts last week. I can definitely tell the difference- less dust in air and waking up with no congestion since they were here! I highly recommend !

    suzy weber Avatar
    suzy weber
    6/26/2021 – Google

    J and Amanda I give them a 6 star they were very professional and courteous I would recommend them

  • Laurie Marren Avatar
    Laurie Marren
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda we’re informative, friendly and professional! Thank you!!

    Megan Rankie Avatar
    Megan Rankie
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Lee and Brian came to clean our ducts and did a wonderful job! Thanks!

    Joe Kalenda Avatar
    Joe Kalenda
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Cleans my ducts and vents professionally and thoroughly. Highly recommend

    Caroline Aiezza Avatar
    Caroline Aiezza
    6/26/2021 – Google

    I had Pure AirCare come to my house in April. Of course you are never sure what impact if any duct cleaning has on you home. So now it’s hot and humid out and time to put on the AC. For the first time in 20 years the AC is reaching the bedrooms 3 floors up. Normally we have to put the AC down to 64 degrees for any comfort at night. We now have it at 70 degrees and are very comfortable. I highly recommend Pure AirCare.

    Ronald Groth Avatar
    Ronald Groth
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Lee and Jamie cleaned and sealed my dryer vent system today. They were exceptional professionals. Went above and beyond to identify and correct problems. Highly recommend them for their professionalism and competence. Would use them again willingly.

    Dianna Frankowski Avatar
    Dianna Frankowski
    6/26/2021 – Google

    So much less dust! Justin and jerry were professional and friendly. Great job! I would recommend

    Holly Buczek Avatar
    Holly Buczek
    6/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Brian cleaned out my air ducts last week. They were professional and did a great job making sure everything was cleaned up. Brian would continuously come and show me pictures that he had been taking in the vents which I really appreciated since it really showed what a great job they did. My boyfriend has not sneezed once since they had been cleaned! It is nice to know that all that yuck in there is no longer circulating through my home. I definitely recommend Pure Air care to clean your vents!

    Jeffrey Zdrojewski Avatar
    Jeffrey Zdrojewski
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Want to thank Brian and Lee for the cleaning of the ducts and vents. They both were very friendly and professional. Explained everything they were going to do and worked right along. We were very happy with the job they did. We recommend them highly!!

    Jeanine Davis Avatar
    Jeanine Davis
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate did a phenomenal job! Would definitely recommend and hire again. They were fast, professional, and very helpful in explaining what they were doing. It was interesting to see the before and after photos!

    sfritschi1 Avatar
    5/26/2021 – Google

    We recently bought a 33-year old house and I had our HVAC ducts cleaned on 5-24-2021. Jay and Amanda showed exactly on time and immediately got to work. They did a fantastic job, going from top to bottom. Afterwards, they provided before and after photos of the inside of the ducts, showing the dust and debris that is no longer there. This was a good investment and I am relieved, knowing our ducts are clean.

    Bobbie Ross Avatar
    Bobbie Ross
    5/26/2021 – Google

    This company did a wonderful job in cleaning my vents. They went beyond the call of duty when they came out the next day to check the vents for a cat I thought might be trapped. Don’t hesitate to call this company for all your vent cleaning needs.

    Jean Speaker Avatar
    Jean Speaker
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Lee recently cleaned our air ducts and vents. They were wonderful to work with, very professional and personable. They explained what they would be doing before they started and left everything clean when they left. I would definitely recommend this company and will use them again.

    Robin Richard Avatar
    Robin Richard
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Awesome job. Brian and Nate were very perfessional and friendly.

    Sam C Avatar
    Sam C
    5/26/2021 – Google

    The two gentlemen Brian & Nate cleaned my ducts and were very friendly and professional! They did very thorough work, and I am 100% satisfied! Thank you to both of you!

    Tina Dalo Avatar
    Tina Dalo
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Lee and Jerry did a great job cleaning our air ducts. They were very friendly and professional. They were very neat and clean. It was interesting seeing the before and after photos. We noticed an immediate difference in the air quality in our home. The house smelled very clean and fresh. I would definitely recommend this service with Pure AirCare

    Amanda Cannizzo Avatar
    Amanda Cannizzo
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were great! Very professional and efficient ! I am so glad I called Pure Air. My house just has a different feel to it ! Instantly smelled fresh and it’s really great to know the things you can’t see can be maintained by trustworthy people ! Thank you again!

    Nathan Booth Avatar
    Nathan Booth
    5/26/2021 – Google

    The two gentlemen that came were very friendly & got right to work. Highly recommend this service. Aaron explained the process very well. It was a pleasure

    Rebecca Kukla Avatar
    Rebecca Kukla
    5/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did an awesome job!! They took their time and made sure everything was done properly! Very professional and also very nice!! Thank you both!!

    Sara El Houssieny Avatar
    Sara El Houssieny
    5/26/2021 – Google

    I’m staying with my cousin while my new home is being prepared and Brian came for service on her home while I was there. I got his info and will be using your service come June when I move as the work was completed quickly and he even cleaned all his mess, appreciated and the service hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank you

    Sonia Velazquez Avatar
    Sonia Velazquez
    5/26/2021 – Google

    I had Pure AirCare clean my the ducts & vents in my house. Brian & Nate were professional and explained the entire process with me. They kept things nice and neat and clean. Brian was kind enough to play with my puppy and then she finally warmed up to him. I definitely feel the difference in my house & highly recommend this company. Thank you so much Brian & Nate for a good well done.

    Michael Daniels Avatar
    Michael Daniels
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate did a great job. They were very professional and courteous and informative. Would highly recommend to anyone considering to have ducts cleaned. Very satisfied with their work.

    Bethany Allsop Avatar
    Bethany Allsop
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Brain and Nate were great! They did a wonderful job and were so good about my dogs being around too- thank you both so much! The before and after pictures are really wild!

    Stacey S Avatar
    Stacey S
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Great job! Justin and jerry came out to clean air ducts. Very friendly. Definitely recommend!

    David Leonard Avatar
    David Leonard
    4/26/2021 – Google

    They arrived on time and called me, so that I could take my dog to a neighbor’s house. Brian and Lee and the rest of the team were very professional and hard working. They cleaned everything up and were very diligent in removing everything that could be a health risk. I wish I did this cleaning when I first moved into my house.

    Aimee Chaffee Avatar
    Aimee Chaffee
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda came today and cleaned out years of dog hair and dust. So thankful to have such a kind, professional team come to my home. Definitely glad that I had this done .

    Kara Powell Avatar
    Kara Powell
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Leigh and his team were fabulous!! They were a little early for the appointment (which was great) and were ready to rock! I have a house full and a pet. They worked around them all. Leigh was informative and showed me the before and after photos including the debris from one duct that had nothing but construction debris from the previous ppl. The whole team was friendly and professional. Great job guys!!! Will definitely request them the next time and be sure to tell anyone I can about Pure AirCare!!

    Chuck Boody Avatar
    Chuck Boody
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Technicians Jay and Amanda performed the vent and duct cleaning at our house. They arrived on time, explained everything they were doing, showed before and after pictures of our ducts, worked in sync and were professional. We were very pleased with their work. We feel the work performed was worth every Penny. The air in the house smelled so fresh and clean when they left. Highly recommend Pure AirCare!

    Brian Sheppard Avatar
    Brian Sheppard
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Justin and Nate were excellent. Very professional. Did a great job explaining things as they were working. They do it all. I would recommend Pure AirCare in a minute. Overall cost was very competitive vs other similar businesses. A Plus all the way!!!! Thanks Justin and Nate!!!!

    Brian Gunby Avatar
    Brian Gunby
    4/26/2021 – Google

    We had Jay and Amanda here this morning and they were outstanding! Very professional and customer friendly! Took the time to answer all of our questions and explain the process to us! Great work!!

    Laura Grif Avatar
    Laura Grif
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate were great. hard working and friendly. I would recommend these guys to everyone. Thank you again.

  • Deb Rebstock Avatar
    Deb Rebstock
    4/26/2021 – Google

    My house is built on a slab and the vents are in the concrete below the house and were very disgusting. Jay and Amanda did a wonderful job cleaning out the ducts and vents. They put everything back and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend them.

    Jeff May Avatar
    Jeff May
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were super professional, down-to-earth, and very friendly technicians!! They were referred to us, and they did such an amazing job, we already have them booked to do our parents house!! Thank you very much!!

    Theresa Wigdor Avatar
    Theresa Wigdor
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Nate were amazing. All I can say is the service they provided was amazing and the fact that they kept everything nice and tidy was important to me. I didn’t not have to clean up after them and I appreciate that. I highly recommend this company and it’s worth every penny spent and I wish we would have done this sooner. Brian and Nate thank you again for a job well done

    Jessica Schmidt Avatar
    Jessica Schmidt
    4/26/2021 – Google

    Brian had come out to address my UV light not working that had been installed by Pure AirCare when I had my ducts cleaned. He was very professional and thorough. He was able to fix the problem and explained what he was doing. I would recommend this company for any duct cleaning services and installation of a UV light.

    Jeff Hunt Avatar
    Jeff Hunt
    3/26/2021 – Google

    I had Jerry and Brian today and they were awesome. Very friendly and professional. Discovered an issue with my dryer vent that was causing carbon monoxide to leak into my basement and fixed it, totally going above and beyond. The price was reasonable and they were very quick and cleaned up after would highly recommend!!!!

    Andrea Dickens Avatar
    Andrea Dickens
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did a great job! They were very personable and professional. They showed us before and after pictures, what a difference! We will call them back when needed. Thank you!

    Lynne Graziani Avatar
    Lynne Graziani
    3/26/2021 – Google

    These people, Jay, Amanda and Mitch were extremely helpful and professional. They were here on time, brought in all there equipment and never made a mess. Jay showed me some of my ducts and it was eye opening!! Now I now why I always had a layer of dust on everything. Not to mention what we were breathing in!! I am now breathing easy after having this process done!! Highly recommend this to my friends and it’s not as costly as you might think!!

    Mary Aiello Avatar
    Mary Aiello
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Nate and Justin from Pure AirCare were absolutely awesome. They were very knowledgeable and eagerly answered all of our questions! Our apartment vents went from unbelievably dusty to sparkling clean! They were very respectful and efficient! Thanks guys!

    Lindsay Waiss Avatar
    Lindsay Waiss
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were great! Thoroughly cleaned all of our air vents, very professional. I’d highly recommend them!

    Morgan Rossow Avatar
    Morgan Rossow
    3/26/2021 – Google

    I had Pure AirCare come to clean the vents today since we just bought a new house. Jerry and Brian were so personable, responsive to any question we had (In person and over the phone) and super professional about the benefits of cleaning the vents as well as the UV light that was put in. I would 100% recommend this company to get your vents cleaned!

    kelly partridge Avatar
    kelly partridge
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Highly recommend this company first of all I want to thank Aaron for getting us taken care of so quickly and then thank you to Justin and Nate who came to clean the vents they were very respectful and did an awesome job thank you so much again.

    Joshua Calhoun Avatar
    Joshua Calhoun
    3/26/2021 – Google

    When the van arrived Lee and Mitch were very professional and made sure we felt very happy about our choice to use them. We had all three floors of years worth of dust, trash, and who knows what else was in there. It’s been a day or two and we can already tell a difference. As someone who deals with breathing issues I am glad to say I can breath a little easier now with Pure AirCare’s help.

    David DeZutter Avatar
    David DeZutter
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Chris were very professional, they took time to answer all my questions and did a great job ensuring my ducts were clean. They showed me pictures of how dirty my ducts really were. I highly recommend their service and company. As a Veteran owned company that offers a military discount, this was an added bonus.

    Suzanne Powell Avatar
    Suzanne Powell
    3/26/2021 – Google

    The owner was a pleasure to speak with and amazing customer service. Brian and Jerry came to clean the ducts and did an amazing job. Brian was very personable and played around with my youngest child and the dog. It was a very excellent experience and very family oriented. Will definitely be using again and will refer to others. (I love the pic with your birthday sign Aaron… I work for my girlfriend who owns sign gypsies..lol)

    Andrew Chapman Avatar
    Andrew Chapman
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were awesome! Very friendly snd efficient. Highly recommend Pure Aircare.

    Steve Musilowski Avatar
    Steve Musilowski
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda came to our house and we’re very professional. They were clean and showed up on time. The job they did was outstanding. Very informative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

    Jenna Stelmach-George Avatar
    Jenna Stelmach-George
    3/26/2021 – Google

    We have had many companies work on various projects in our home throughout the years. Jay and Amanda from Pure AirCare really stood out. They very extremely professional and thorough, and completely respectful of our home and family. They answered all of our questions, and made recommendations. They cleaned up afterward and left the house the way they entered it. We were amazed at the amount of dust and buildup they were able to remove. Absolutely recommend!

    Nancy Hart Avatar
    Nancy Hart
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Amanda & Jay are a great team, came in and did their job with the least amount of disruption to my business as possible!

    Lynn Briggs Avatar
    Lynn Briggs
    3/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did an excellent job very satisfied with their work

    stuntedcbr Avatar
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Great customer service and nice people (Justin and Mitch) Will do business again. Thank you!

    William Kirst Avatar
    William Kirst
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Matt & Justin took the time to explain the whole process from top to bottom. Received outstanding Customer Service. Bill & Doreen

    Kathryn Nadolny Avatar
    Kathryn Nadolny
    2/26/2021 – Google

    We recently had our air ducts cleaned by technicians Jay and Amanda, who were wonderful to work with. The service was very quick and at the end they showed us before and after pictures, which I really appreciated. Highly recommend this service and company.

    Barb Lauer Avatar
    Barb Lauer
    2/26/2021 – Google

    FANTASTIC SERVICE! Lee and Jerry arrived on time-thoroughly explained everything and did an amazing job. I highly recommend using Pure AirCare!

    John Kenefick Avatar
    John Kenefick
    2/26/2021 – Google

    A+++ Timely, professional, polite (Justin and Eric), and cost was the same as discussed on the phone. Will use for other services in the future.

    Jeffrey Weiss Avatar
    Jeffrey Weiss
    2/26/2021 – Google

    We contacted Pure AirCare based on great reviews, and they definitely lived up to those reviews. Aaron responded right away to book an appointment and explained the whole process well. Lee, Mitch and Jerry arrived on time and did an excellent and thorough job. The whole process was seamless and easy, and I wish I’d done it years ago!

    Steve Adams Avatar
    Steve Adams
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were on time, they wore masks the entire time and did a great job. Took me thru the process, showed me what the ducts looked like before and after and went about their business in a very professional manner. I will recommend them to family and friends and will use them again.

    Larry B Avatar
    Larry B
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Justin and Nathan were very friendly and professional. They did an awesome job. Would recommend them for this job.

    Ruth Pirinelli Avatar
    Ruth Pirinelli
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Aaron responded to my inquiry for an estimate within an hour. Leigh and Mitch did a great job! This company was highly recommended to me, and I would pass that recommendation along to anyone looking to hire someone to do this work for them.

    L Fermo Avatar
    L Fermo
    2/26/2021 – Google

    I purchased a Groupon for the cleaning service. Jay and Amanda were extremely professional, hardworking and helpful every step of the process. There was no hard up sell for additional services but they did explain any extra services available. I upgraded my package and the pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend this company and would specifically ask for these two technicians. Thank you for doing a great job.

    Shelby Hayes Avatar
    Shelby Hayes
    2/26/2021 – Google

    I am incredibly impressed with this company! We used them for the first time today and I’m thrilled with the customer service we received. I called on Tuesday and was able to make an appointment for 3 days later. The service provider Justin showed up in a timely manner and was super friendly. He explained everything that he was going to do and even showed us before and after pics of our vents! I highly HIGHLY recommend using Pure AirCare if you need your ducts cleaned. You cannot beat the price either!

  • Laura Voigt Avatar
    Laura Voigt
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were great! The house smells so clean

    Patty Gamble Avatar
    Patty Gamble
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Justin and Lee cleaned our air ducts. They were very professional and did a great job! I highly recommend them for your air duct cleaning!

    Jenny Serniuk Avatar
    Jenny Serniuk
    2/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were excellent! They came early and were very professional. They cleaned up everything when they were finished and even sanitized for us. We highly recommend this cleaning service.

    Doug Sitler Avatar
    Doug Sitler
    1/26/2021 – Google

    My wife (who has some allergies) noticed the difference the moment she walked in the house. We had our air ducts cleaned and sanitized. It took under 2.5 hours. Pure AirCare’s associates Jay and Amanda were great. They answered all my questions, easy to deal with, and were very professional. I already recommended this company to my next door neighbor.

    Catherine Cieri Avatar
    Catherine Cieri
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did a great job. They were on time and very nice.The house smells clean and fresh. We are glad we found Pure AirCare.

    Vill Silly Avatar
    Vill Silly
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Pure AirCare was well worth the money! I’ve been in my house for 2 1/2 years now and have been wanting to get the ducts cleaned since then. Im so glad I did, and so glad I chose Pure AirCare. Jay and Amanda were professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Ducts were cleaned and sanitized and I can already tell the difference in a matter of minutes. Super happy and would definitely refer them to anyone I know.

    Sarah Bowser Avatar
    Sarah Bowser
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Messaged thru the website on a Saturday for an estimate, and got a call back within 15 minutes. They got me scheduled for that Monday. Brian and Jerry were extremely professional. On time, efficient in getting everything set up, and everything cleaned, sanitized, and put away in under two hours. Would definitely recommend this company to others.

    Samantha Colopy Avatar
    Samantha Colopy
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda cleaned out our air ducts and vents and not only did an amazing job but they were super professional and friendly. I am thoroughly satisfied with the service and would highly recommend! The house feels so clean already!

    KC Olson Avatar
    KC Olson
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda arrived on time, set to work quickly, worked efficiently and did a great job. I am very happy to have our house heat ducts and vents cleaned after 30 years and 5 dogs!

    matthew galey Avatar
    matthew galey
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did a wonderful job at our house. They were extremely professional and we got to see the before and after photos of their work. Highly recommend.

    Kellie Fox Avatar
    Kellie Fox
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were awesome! Very professional, thorough and did amazing work. The entire house smells clean and fresh- and seeing the progress pictures was unbelievable. Highly recommended

    Zach Carr Avatar
    Zach Carr
    1/26/2021 – Google

    First, I am a bit ignorant of matters having to deal with air quality. However, my experience with Pure AirCare really helped that. Jerry and Brian were exceptional. Not only did they provide me an honest assessment of my situation, but thoroughly explained what was happening in my house. They provided a great sanitization service and I am forever grateful. A wonderful company with honest, knowledgeable people at the helm.

    SC Colonna Avatar
    SC Colonna
    1/26/2021 – Google

    They did a great job, was very professional and took time to educate me on the process. They were thorough and the before and after pictures were great to see. Would highly recommend for those looking to clean their system!

    Jenna Zambotti Avatar
    Jenna Zambotti
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were great. Showed us before and after pictures. They vacuumed, cleaned all vents like promised. We’re hoping to have a lot less to dust and vacuum. We all have allergies and are hoping for less reactions now that everything is so clear of dust! I would recommend for sure.

    mia endl Avatar
    mia endl
    1/26/2021 – Google

    Pure AirCare did an excellent job cleaning my ducts. I swear I could instantly smell and feel a difference in my air. But, even more important to me was the outstanding customer service. When I had a problem with my dryer vent, they were at my house the next day to fix it. They are responsive, friendly, speedy, reasonably priced and thorough. My technicians were Amanda, Jay and Leigh They shouldn’t change a thing!

    Robert Mcaninch Avatar
    Robert Mcaninch
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Had ducts cleaned, the guy’s did a great job, went above and beyond what I was expecting. Would definitely recommend.

    Chris Gatto Avatar
    Chris Gatto
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Jay & Amanda did a great job. They were prompt on arrival time & right down to work. They moved furniture & vents before & when they were done. The house smells great & I will definitely refer the company to family & friends.

    Kat Mn Avatar
    Kat Mn
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were professional and wore masks the whole time while here. They did a great job cleaning all our ducts of the pet hair from previous owner. Can’t wait to see how I feel waking up tomorrow as I can already feel the difference! Aaron was also great on the phone and answered all my questions!

    Alice Gingerich Avatar
    Alice Gingerich
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Great job done by Jay and Ray! They were prompt, explained the process and left every thing clean!

    Dan DiNardo Avatar
    Dan DiNardo
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Thank you so much. We had our vent cleaned this morning. We had Brian and Jerry, they were friendly and helpful. It was nice to having friendly people coming to the house!

    Michelle Avatar
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Thank you Jay & Ray for coming out today! Our ducts were well overdue for a clean and you were very professional and prompt. We already think it smells cleaner in here. Highly recommend Pure AirCare!

    Steve Guiliani Avatar
    Steve Guiliani
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Justin and Nate came to the house to clean our system after we completed construction. They both were extremely friendly, well knowledgeable and polite to work with. They used a cleaner and sanitizer spray in our system as well and the whole house smells fresh. Worth every penny and I highly recommend this company and service

    Jocelyn Bykowicz Avatar
    Jocelyn Bykowicz
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Great guys! Professional, informative and totally worth the money! The former owners of the house I had cleaned were smokers for 30 years! They were able to clean and sanitize the ducts. They also took the time to wipe down the vents after they removed them. The smoke smell is gone. Worth every penny…thanks Jay and Lee!

    SJ Bruno Avatar
    SJ Bruno
    12/26/2020 – Google

    Brian & Jerry were here today and did a great job. Very informative and answered all of my questions. See them again the next time.

    Brenda Cervini Avatar
    Brenda Cervini
    12/26/2020 – Google

    My first experience was with Aaron and he was so friendly and so professional and followed up regularly to schedule my appointment I was very impressed with him. And then Chris and Nate came and check on the horrific task of cleaning events in my 1867 schoolhouse which is no easy task. I feel like everything is fresh and clean and I’m so happy that I found them. Brenda cervini

    David G Warsocki Avatar
    David G Warsocki
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Great job on duct cleaning and reasonably priced. Had a problem with a UV light they installed in my system like 3 mos later and they responded within a day or two and replaced the unit at no cost whatsoever. Very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone else.

    Danielle Bevacqua Avatar
    Danielle Bevacqua
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Professional, fast scheduling and great service. Definitely recommend Pure AirCare.

    Jarett Forysinski Avatar
    Jarett Forysinski
    11/26/2020 – Google

    We just had our ducts cleaned with Pure AirCare and all I have to say is what a great company. They were quick to respond to our inquiry and were very knowledgeable. The two techs that came to the house, Jay and Amanda, we’re both very friendly and professional. They worked fast and kept things clean. They updated me throughout the process and were in and out within a couple hours. I would HIGHLY recommend getting your ducts cleaned by this company.

    Ann Lawandus Avatar
    Ann Lawandus
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Justin and Nate cleaned my ducts and sanitized the house today. They answered all my questions and explained everything. they were both very polite and wore masks the whole time. Justin took pictures and the before and after were quite amazing. They did an amazing job !

    Adeleyh Williamson Avatar
    Adeleyh Williamson
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did a great job. Very friendly and great work. Thank you.

  • Lindsy Hayes Avatar
    Lindsy Hayes
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Very happy with our service today ! Both Brian and John were very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend this company !

    Noah Falck Avatar
    Noah Falck
    11/26/2020 – Google

    The Pure AirCare crew made up of Jay & Amanda did a superb job cleaning the air ducts & passages of our home. They were professional and hardworking and we can’t thank them enough for making the air we breath day in & day out clean and safe.

    Teresa Drimmer Avatar
    Teresa Drimmer
    11/26/2020 – Google

    We had Leigh and Chris clean our ducts. They did an amazing job, professional and thorough. They answered all of our questions and did a great job explaining the whole process. They were also great with our young son who followed them around a lot asking more questions and wanting to help out! Would definitely use this company again!!

    Mary Dennison Avatar
    Mary Dennison
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Thank you Pure AirCare!! Thank you Aaron for accommodating us on a scheduled visit! Thank you Jay & Amanda for your professional and speedy work! If you have never had your vents/ducts cleaned… NOW is the time with Pure AirCare! Highly recommend! Best price around town!!

    Stacey Sheehan Avatar
    Stacey Sheehan
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Thank you Leigh!! You cared for our home like it was your own! We are breathing so much easier tonight thanks to your attention to detail and fabulous work in our basement! We are SO grateful!!! ❤️

    Isaac Jolly Avatar
    Isaac Jolly
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Hands down the best. This company knows what they’re doing and go above and beyond to make sure you know it. I would rate 10 stars of 5 if I could. Just had Lee finish work here in Hamlin. Hurry up and expand east everyone should have this kind of service available.

    Derek Guarino Avatar
    Derek Guarino
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Perfect, that got me in at the time I needed we’re friendly nice and showed me before and after pictures. We just moved in and our ducts were nasty!

    Melissa Lavey Avatar
    Melissa Lavey
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda cleaned our vents today! They were respectful, nice and did a great job! They showed us pictures of our vents and they did an amazing job!! We can breathe better! Awesome company, great serviceThank you

    Kim Niedzialowaki Avatar
    Kim Niedzialowaki
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Very professional efficient service! Jay and Amanda both could not have been nicer – such an asset to your company to have two very courteous representatives! Would highly recommend!

    Michelle Helles Avatar
    Michelle Helles
    11/26/2020 – Google

    Nate and Justin were very friendly, professional and efficient. We have been wanting to get this done for a while now-I am so glad we finally did! It was great to see our ‘before and after’ pictures too!

    Jenny Legarreta Avatar
    Jenny Legarreta
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Hello,My husband and I just had Brian and his colleague come out and replace our broken dryer vent. They were very helpful and polite. They wore masks which I appreciated and made us feel safe about letting people into our home. We will be reaching out to your company again once we are ready to get our ducts clean. It was a great experience!

    David Ambrosia Avatar
    David Ambrosia
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Very polite, professional and respectful. Did an amazing and efficient job. Explained everything before hand and answered all the questions I had. I will definitely use them again.

    Brandon Janese Avatar
    Brandon Janese
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Company was on time and very professional I would highly recommend using them for anybody who is in need of this service. I was amazed at how much they dust and debris they got out of the vents and now they are spotless

    Emily McKeen Avatar
    Emily McKeen
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda did an excellent job cleaning my new home’s vents. After a recent remodel, the vents were full of dry wall dust and construction debris. After they did their work, the vents were perfectly clean-the before and after was really dramatic! I appreciated how professional all my interactions with PureAir were, and the care that Jay and Amanda took when in my home, removing vent covers etc. I will definitely use this company again in the future!

    Morgan Cooper Avatar
    Morgan Cooper
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Every person from owner to crew is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. Jay and Amanda are a great team, on time, worked hard, very clean and respectful of my children being here and my walks, etc with the equipment that they need to bring in. The house air seems all new and fresh. I highly recommend Pure AirCare!

    Michael Pavlak Avatar
    Michael Pavlak
    10/26/2020 – Google

    We had a wonderful experience. The price and product are excellent. From the first phone call the staff was kind and courteous and made the process as easy as possible. Jay and Amanda did an outstanding job. They were professional, personable and respectful. Thank you!

    Kristina Biagiotti Avatar
    Kristina Biagiotti
    10/26/2020 – Google

    We just moved into our home and wanted to have our vents cleaned. They were able to get us in the following week at a great price! I can’t believe how much they got out and we sanitized as well. Can’t wait to use our heater knowing that it won’t be blowing out so much dust! Brian and Nathan were super professional, definitely will use again in the future.

    Colleen Yacono Avatar
    Colleen Yacono
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Pure AirCare was truly amazing. Brian and Nick were very professional, timely and both have a great sense of humor. They took their time and thoroughly explained every step of the process. They showed me images of the inside of the ducts before and after. What a difference it makes! I would highly recommend this company to clean out your ducts and to sanitize them too! Also, I made the appointment just last week!

    Amy S Avatar
    Amy S
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Nate were amazing! Polite friendly and did amazing job! They went above and beyond my expectations!

    Carol Bartlett Avatar
    Carol Bartlett
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Nick came today to clean and sanitize our ducts. They were friendly and professional. Everything was explained in detail. The before and after pictures are amazing. Don’t put off having this done !!!! I highly recommend Pure AirCare!

    D D Avatar
    D D
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Lee came to service my home, they were on time, they were professional and very friendly. They were knowledgeable and answered my questions with ease. They were very respectful to my new carpet and best of all my house smells and feels so clean!!! I had the duct/vent cleaning service with sanitizing. Im really I called this service, it was an immediate difference.

    Christine DuMond Avatar
    Christine DuMond
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Lee did a great job! Very thorough and efficient!

    Kara Pearce Avatar
    Kara Pearce
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Super happy with service received today! Brian and Nate were punctual, professional, respectful and friendly. They answered any questions I had, took care to make sure my pets didn’t escape, and did a thorough job. I also learned things about our heating system I never knew! I would certainly recommend these guys if you’re considering having your furnace ducts and vents cleaned. I’m optimistic having this done will help with allergies this year!

    Colleen Hattler Avatar
    Colleen Hattler
    10/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Lee completed work at my house today and did an incredible job. They were professional, courteous and quick! I was hands down impressed compared to service I received from competitors in the past. Highly recommend – especially those with pets.

    Paul Kline Avatar
    Paul Kline
    9/26/2020 – Google

    We had a terrific experience with Pure AirCare. Jay and Amanda were professional, courteous, friendly and did a fantastic job cleaning the air ducts in our home. There was a distinct difference in the air quality in our home from the moment the job was complete. Fresh and clean. Plus, their pricing couldn’t be beat. Great value, terrific service!

    Christine Nielsen Avatar
    Christine Nielsen
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were an absolute joy to have in my home. They were very professional, polite efficient. My house smells delightful. Thank you!

    Nicole Malczewski Avatar
    Nicole Malczewski
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about the services provided for me today!! Jay and Amanda were fast, but efficient, friendly and respectful!! The air in my house feels so much cleaner and SMELLS AMAZING!! Thank you so much again and I expect to send friends, family and neighbors your way soon!!

    Teri Arena Avatar
    Teri Arena
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Great experience with Jay and Nate, prompt arrival and went right to work. I would highly recommend!

    Nancy Dumke Avatar
    Nancy Dumke
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Very professional and informative. Jay and Nate answered all my questions. The service was really needed. So glad it is done

    Elizabeth Knittel Avatar
    Elizabeth Knittel
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Great, prompt service. They were able to come out in about two weeks. They did a thorough job. Jay and Nate were a great duo…they worked quickly and everything was clean when they left. Smells wonderful after the sanitizer application.

  • Artistic Audio Entertainment DJ Rick Avatar
    Artistic Audio Entertainment DJ Rick
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I called Pure AirCare a few weeks ago and the communication was outstanding.They explained in detail how they do it their way and the education lesson was appreciated. I had my house done today and I could not be happier with the result AND with who they sent me. Brian and Jerry were professional and simply great guys. They cleaned my vent covers when they discovered some nasty debris and I’m pretty sure some may not go that extra mile. All around I had a great experience and would recommend them to my friends and family

    Mike Fahey Avatar
    Mike Fahey
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry arrived and made the process quick an easy. When I asked about an explanation of the process, Brian was willing and gave me a play by play of exactly what they were going to do. They left leaving the house tidy and my tenant and myself happy with the results. We both noticed a decrease in congestion the very next day. Also, Aaron whom I booked the appointment was very polite and even followed up later to offer an earlier appointment. Overall I’m very happy with my decision to go with Pure AirCare.

    Liz Woods Avatar
    Liz Woods
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Very prompt and friendly. I had my furnace vents cleaned and am planning to call for dryer vent cleaning.

    Patrick Hollingsworth Avatar
    Patrick Hollingsworth
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate came out to my house today to clean the air vents. They were on time, courteous of my home and did a great job! I also had the UV system installed to protect against viruses and airborne bacteria. They got the job quickly and I can already smell the cleanliness in my house. Thank you Jay and Nate for a great job!!

    Michael Bucolo Avatar
    Michael Bucolo
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate came out today (2/4/2020) to clean the heat/air vents and the dryer vent. They were punctual, actually a little early, very professional and explained everything they were going to do. I was amazed at the before and after pictures. Definitely will have them back. Thank you for a great job!!

    Joshua Yurchak Avatar
    Joshua Yurchak
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I strongly recommend this company, they are fair priced and friendly servicemen.

    Alayna DeMarchi Avatar
    Alayna DeMarchi
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate were very professional and kind! They worked efficiently and answered any questions I had. I already feel like I can breathe better.

    Cathy Walaszek Avatar
    Cathy Walaszek
    9/26/2020 – Google

    My husband and I were extremely satisfied. We couldn’t believe the job they did! The before and after pictures were amazing! Jay and Nate were professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and punctual. We highly recommend their service!!!

    Heidi Dvornski Avatar
    Heidi Dvornski
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Eric and Jay were friendly, informative and did a great job! Everything was efficient and well done! Thank you!

    nancy smith Avatar
    nancy smith
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Lee and Jay were at my house today, they were professional, courteous, and paid close attention to detail while working. I would highly recommend Pure AirCare, my experience with them from the minute I made the phone call to minute they left my home was A+. I will be back to report on the improved air quality. Already referring them to two friends!

    Michael Cotronea Avatar
    Michael Cotronea
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Lee were great! came out to the house, cleaned ducts for 2 apartments in my building, great service and cleaner airways!

    Diane Baker Avatar
    Diane Baker
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate did a great job cleaning all the air ducts and the dryer vent in my home. They were punctual and professional. My house smelled so fresh!

    Joseph Christopher Avatar
    Joseph Christopher
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate did a terrific job, I was very pleased with the work they did, they were on time, courteous and I already feel like the air is more breathable in my home. Highly recommended!

    Dannielle Kent Avatar
    Dannielle Kent
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate were great! Very personable and professional. They arrived on time, answered any questions we had and showed us before and after pictures of our duct work. We will definitely use Pure AirCare again to clean our duct work!

    Karen Bunker Avatar
    Karen Bunker
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay & Nate were on time and I’m so thrilled with the job they did. Nate was so glad that my husband removed all the vent covers before they arrived. The noise they created only proved they cleared all the vents. Breathing made easier and sleeping better. Thank You!

    Marissa Coheley Avatar
    Marissa Coheley
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did an amazing job. They were professional and cleaned up thoroughly when finished. Brian went the extra mile to fix one of my poorly installed vents and adjusted the vents in my house to more efficiently direct airflow. I will recommend Pure AirCare to my friends.

    Kortni Burg Avatar
    Kortni Burg
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate did a great job cleaning our ducts, its amazing the difference! He showed us before and after pictures of the cleaning process and we were amazed! Definitely worth getting done.

    Joanne Wroblewski Avatar
    Joanne Wroblewski
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate did an excellent job. They were friendly, efficient and thorough.

    Anthony Barner Avatar
    Anthony Barner
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Looks like a good company… they did a good job at my cousins house. I think I’ll give them a try.

    catherine ruth Avatar
    catherine ruth
    9/26/2020 – Google

    My husband and I are extremely pleased with Pure AirCare. Brian and Jerry were punctual, respectful and very pleasant to have in the house while they cleaned our air ducts. They both did a great job. And the price was very reasonable. We will definitely use Pure AirCare again.

    Kelsey Dewey Avatar
    Kelsey Dewey
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I used a Groupon for Pure Air…Brian & Jerry were super nice and personable…my house smells like fresh air & we will def be using pure air in the future.

    Sara Staley Avatar
    Sara Staley
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry came today to clean out my vents and they were awesome! Very professional, super considerate of the cats in my home. They were efficient and quick. I would highly recommend this company for your needs. The amount of things that came out of return vents in and of itself was worth it! (Toys from previous owners).

    Tara Sheehan Avatar
    Tara Sheehan
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I had Jay and Nate as my technicians and I was beyond pleased. They both were very polite and professional and efficient. They did an excellent job from start to finish. I would highly recommend this company.

    Amy Lach Avatar
    Amy Lach
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were amazing!! They did a great job!! Friendly, professional and informative. Highly recommend Pure AirCare!!

    Jonathan Cross Avatar
    Jonathan Cross
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Punctual, professional, very informative. Overall, a great service I highly recommend.

    Tina Brice Avatar
    Tina Brice
    9/26/2020 – Google

    We had fantastic service from Nate and Jay today. They were professional, friendly, informative and efficient. I would highly recommend working with this company.

    Caitlin Bruscia Avatar
    Caitlin Bruscia
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Aaron, Brian and Jerry were wonderful!!! They called when they were on their way to the job, they were so polite and professional. Would absolutely recommend Pure AirCare and will use them again in the future.

    joel marinaccio Avatar
    joel marinaccio
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay & Nate were fantastic. I was always skeptical whether or not this service was necessary. They explained everything from the second they arrived and even showed me the before and after pictures. Highly recommend Pure AirCare, great job!!

    Emily Rangel Avatar
    Emily Rangel
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Wonderful results. Very pleased with the efficiency of both Jay and Nate. My toddler son was a bit nosy with what was going on an Nate was very friendly and approachable! Many businesses can clean your ducts, but not everyone would let your toddler get down next to them and “help” take off and put back on the vents! Would recommend to anyone looking to get their ducts cleaned.

    Julie Yunker Avatar
    Julie Yunker
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Nate and Jay were awesome. They worked very hard and did an excellent job!! I would definitely recommend them!

  • joe goff Avatar
    joe goff
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Just had my ducks cleaned by pure air care on the 20th. The service was great. After the first night of sleep I feel it was worth the value. Such a huge difference. They were punctual and professional. I actually recommended them to a family member who already made an appointment. Will definitely be calling them back for another cleaning in 3 years. Thank you guys!!

    Janice Mullen Avatar
    Janice Mullen
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate were right on time, knowledgeable and professional. Nice job guys! Appreciate your expertise!

    Juan Ramos Avatar
    Juan Ramos
    9/26/2020 – Google

    These guys were great! Jay and Nate are awesome and we need more folk like them in other industry as well . They are top notch when it comes to customer service . My vents clean give my family peace of mind but more importantly was the assurance from Jay and Nate that the quality exceeds expectation!

    Joseph Moll Avatar
    Joseph Moll
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay, Nate and Jerry were great! Professional, polite and did a great job!! Oh, and early, thank you!

    Tarja Parssinen Avatar
    Tarja Parssinen
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I was very happy with the service from Pure AirCare. Jay and Amanda were professional, friendly, and despite more vents onsite than what I was quoted for, they stuck with the original quote. Will definitely use them again.

    Michael Lancer Avatar
    Michael Lancer
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did a great job. Aaron was very accommodating. Great service.

    Patricia White Avatar
    Patricia White
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda showed up on time. Were very professional, courteous, friendly and just really easy to talk to. I would highly recommend them. I couldn’t believe the difference from the before and after pictures of inside those ducts. Great job ! We will be calling them again when it’s time to have them done again. Thank you 🙂

    Matthew Haynes Avatar
    Matthew Haynes
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Quick, easy and efficient. Were very respectful and courteous from the beginning. I did not feel like this was a business transaction at all. From the moment I made the appointment to the time they left I felt confident that the job would be done the right way. I forgot the names already of the guys that came out, but they were amazing. I will definitely be recommending them to everyone!

    Emily Jerge Avatar
    Emily Jerge
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were amazing! Professional and efficient. They explained the whole process and did well following all the NYS Covid regulations. I will definitely be recommending this business to friends and family. Thanks again!

    Abimbola Ehimare Avatar
    Abimbola Ehimare
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Ray and Amanda were very professional. They explained all they needed to do -clean duct and sanitize air passages to control germs and Bacteria. Good job guys 👍🏾 I will definitely use your company again and refer you.

    Sarah Jacobs Avatar
    Sarah Jacobs
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Definitely will use Pure AirCare in the future. Jay and Amanda were professional, polite and answered any questions or concerns that we had. It was amazing to see the before and after! They did an amazing job!

    Michelle Kessler Avatar
    Michelle Kessler
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were at my home today. They did a wonderful job. The were thorough efficient, kind and courteous. Thank you!!

    AP Avatar
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I would easily recommend this company! I had Jay and Amanda cleaning my ducts. Not only were they professional and followed NYS Guidelines and had their mask on but we’re very friendly and explained the whole process to me, fist time owning a home. Outstanding prices and my house feels cleaner!

    Steven Leffler Avatar
    Steven Leffler
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Great job done with very little inconvenience! Would highly recommend pure air care to anyone looking to get their ducts cleaned! Jay and Amanda were wonderful!

    Martin Vukovich Avatar
    Martin Vukovich
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate were very professional and did an excellent job with my air duct cleaning. I really appreciate the work they did and I would recommend PureAirCare to anyone. Great job guys!

    Kimberly Bentley Avatar
    Kimberly Bentley
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay, Nate and Jerry were amazing! They were able to clean 50 years of junk out of our ducts!! I highly recommended the sanitizer, it was worth every penny.

    Matt Chiazza Avatar
    Matt Chiazza
    9/26/2020 – Google

    We had services performed by Pure AirCare today by Jay and Amanda. They did a great and efficient job! It definitely smells cleaner already! I will certainly be recommending this company to friends/family. Thanks again!

    Kerry Boser Avatar
    Kerry Boser
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Amanda were thorough, professional, and friendly. I am very pleased with the work they did and will definitely be recommending your services to others.

    Becky Mingoia Avatar
    Becky Mingoia
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate were excellent! They were unbelievably professional and accommodating. I work from home and on my scheduled appointment day I ended up having back to back to back meetings. After a super quick into and tour of the house they let me get back to work and did their thing. Stopped into my office when they had questions and were so not disruptive – which speaks volumes considering what they did. And, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The dust bunnies are all gone! Thanks so much!

    Jill Chudzik Avatar
    Jill Chudzik
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Professional, hard working, and personable. Great job! Would recommend to anyone!

    alissa kapela Avatar
    alissa kapela
    9/26/2020 – Google

    From the start with Aaron to the job getting done with Brian Nad Jerry, I experienced professional services. These guys are all people and customer oriented. I had shopped around and the price was right too! Thank you for a job well done!

    Alyssa Mortier Avatar
    Alyssa Mortier
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I would highly recommend the team at Pure Aircare. Jay & Nate did such an awesome job! They were on time, friendly and provided quality work at a great price. I am extremely happy and plan to use the company again! Thanks again guys!!

    Brendan Denz Avatar
    Brendan Denz
    9/26/2020 – Google

    I hired pure aircare to clean my vents based off of the reviews online. They did not disappoint! Brian and Jerry did a great job and I’m very happy with their service. I would recommended.

    Aimee Snyder Avatar
    Aimee Snyder
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Thanks Brian and Jerry for the thorough cleaning and going out of your way to help with the dryer vent!

    Kaitlyn Kirst Avatar
    Kaitlyn Kirst
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay & Nate just left our house and we’re so impressed! They were very professional, even interacted with my kids and tolerated all their questions. Very clean and all my furniture is placed back where it was. We will definitely be using this company in the future!

    Stephanie Steiman Avatar
    Stephanie Steiman
    9/26/2020 – Google

    This is such a well needed service for your family to have clean air. We watched them go to work and they did a great job! It was done very professional and we are very pleased. Jay and Nate worked well together so thank you very much!!!!

    chelsie muldowney Avatar
    chelsie muldowney
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Lee were amazing. They not only did an amazing job on our air ducts but they went above and beyond to help make sure everything ran better- even my AC unit. They both were great from the minute they walked through the door, till the very end. I will definitely be referring them to others, along with Pure AirCare.

    Jessica Kaiser Avatar
    Jessica Kaiser
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Had an amazing experience with Brian and Jerry. Super friendly, answered every question not matter how annoying it was, very informative and very professional. I would definitely work with the company and service guys again. I highly recommend it. I wasn’t sure wi needed to have the vents clean however I was wrong I can hear my furnace working better already!

    Elaine Lydon Avatar
    Elaine Lydon
    9/26/2020 – Google

    Jay and Nate did a super job today cleaning the air ducts in my two family home! They were here promptly and worked non stop! My home now smells nice and fresh and I’m sure I will be healthier !! Great job! Thank you and I highly recommend this service!

    Joe Lavey Jr Avatar
    Joe Lavey Jr
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Did a lot of homework before I decided on Pure AirCare and let me tell you, these guys are the real deal. My house never had the vents cleaned in the 42 years it’s been here. The stuff they cleaned out of my vents was gross. Years of having pets showed in the vents. I added the sanitation and deodoranizer and man, it’s like I don’t have pets now.Thank you so much!! And your techs, awesome guys. Super nice and very thorough. Highly recommend!!!

  • anne cumbo Avatar
    anne cumbo
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian, Jerry and Jay were very professional and did a great job. We will highly recommend your company to friends and family.

    Alan Torchia Avatar
    Alan Torchia
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian, Jerry and Blake cleaned the ducts here, they did a great job, very professional and courteous. I highly recommend the company.

    9/26/2019 – Google

    Aaron, Jay and Blake could not have been more professional and kind. They were right on time. Sat down and explained what they were gong to do. Price was given up front. Saw before and after pictures of my ducts. I would highly recommend this company. I can tell the difference already. Thank you Pure AirCare! I know I made the right choice in choosing your company. Sincerely a very satisfied customer!

    Alicia Stradley Avatar
    Alicia Stradley
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Pure AirCare was outstanding! The cleaner we had, Brian was very friendly, kind and respectful! He explained the process to me and the work was done SO well! I’m glad to have cleaner, purer air for my home!!!!!

    Antonino Mannone Avatar
    Antonino Mannone
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake were able to make a feared job into a very pleasant experience. Professional and courteous, fast and efficient. Definitely they are part of a great company that I would recommend without hesitation. Thank you.

    Chelsea Rath Avatar
    Chelsea Rath
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Huge Difference!Thank you so much for coming out and doing our ducts. I am very pleased with the service/ time you guys put into our cleaning. I could tell a big difference.

    David Kuhlmey Avatar
    David Kuhlmey
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were extremely professional and a joy to work with! Highly recommend them and this company!!!

    Charles Mule Avatar
    Charles Mule
    9/26/2019 – Google

    We were very pleased with the Brian and Jerry. Both were very professional and dedicated to ensure we were pleased with the job. They were on time, completed the job, and cleaned up. Thanks for a job well done!!!

    Ashlee Dawson Avatar
    Ashlee Dawson
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jerry and Brian were here today and we’re quick and friendly! Did a great job!

    Kaeden “uploadskaedendatboy” Avatar
    Kaeden “uploadskaedendatboy”
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were very professional and gave me an awesome quote. They were very personable and easy to talk to. Good job guys!

    Samantha Rudnick Avatar
    Samantha Rudnick
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Bryan, Jerry and Shawn took care of our vents and ducts just this morning. They were professional, polite and VERY thorough when telling me the process of what they were going to do. They were also very courteous of my home and made the entire process very enjoyable. The owner, Aaron, was great to set up the appointment with and he was also very thorough as to what I should expect at the appointment.I’ve already recommended Pure AirCare to my friends and family and would definitely use them again!

    Deyron Tabb Avatar
    Deyron Tabb
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry just finished cleaning my Service and did a phenomenal job! The customer service was honestly the best experience I’ve had in a long time. I am pretty sure Pure AirCare just eatablished a customer for life! Whenever I need something cleaned or done, I won’t be doing anything but calling Pure AirCare, and special request Brian and Jerry because I know I will get a phenomenal job and customer service.

    Dan Labarbera Avatar
    Dan Labarbera
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jerry and Brian did a awesome job cleaning are air ducts they were very professional

    Eunice Jackson Avatar
    Eunice Jackson
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry are very professional, they came in and clean my vents made sure everything was put back the way they found it. I will refer family and friends.

    A F Avatar
    A F
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did an amazing job and were awesome to have around. Thanks guys, this was our first time with Pure AirCare and we will definitely be a returning customer when the time comes!

    Maria Guzman Avatar
    Maria Guzman
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jerry & Brian are phenomenal, super funny and pleasant! They did a great job cleaning our vents and found a lot of nasty things! Very satisfied with the work they did in our home! Will definitely do business with this company in the future!

    Jocelyn Beck Avatar
    Jocelyn Beck
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Great service, very thorough and friendly employees. They cleaned up after themselves and put up with my barking dogs. Brian and Jerry did a great job. I will definitely be telling family and friends about the positive experience.

    Dan Sieber Avatar
    Dan Sieber
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Awesome service. Brian and Jerry did a great job. Very personable. Will definitely recommend your company to everyone.

    Kortney Kuczmanski Avatar
    Kortney Kuczmanski
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Awesome Job from Pure AirCare. Brian and Jerry came and did a wonderful job. They were on time, professional, careful around our house and friendly to be around. Great work, we will be using them again in the future!!

    Shoshana Levine Avatar
    Shoshana Levine
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did a great job. They were quick and professional, and mindful of my pets (two skiddish cats). They full explained the service and what options they recommended for my specific house. I ended up paying for extra vents and services on top of what my Groupon covered, but it was 100% worth it. I will be calling them again!

    Rashad Travis Avatar
    Rashad Travis
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake did an amazing job. They were thorough efficient and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    Maryann Parker Avatar
    Maryann Parker
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry came and did a wonderful job. They were careful, professional and friendly. They explained the process, pricing and showed me before and after pictures. I was very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend them. Now I can breath easy!

    Patrick Leahy Avatar
    Patrick Leahy
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were very professional and pleasant, and they did a fantastic job! Would absolutely recommend and will definitely hire again.

    Courtney Durden Avatar
    Courtney Durden
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Brian were very polite and courteous. They did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Shara Ellinger Avatar
    Shara Ellinger
    9/26/2019 – Google

    After a major renovation to our home, it was due time for our vents and returns to be cleaned! My house smells wonderful and I noticed a difference in air quality immediately! I will be repeating service at recommended time! Our technicians Jay and Blake were great! Thank you so much!

    Susan Roma Avatar
    Susan Roma
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake were on time, very friendly and did an excellent job on cleaning my home’s ductwork, air vents and returns. I would highly recommend them and Pure AirCare to all my family and friends.

    Bills Mafia Avatar
    Bills Mafia
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Aaron was very friendly on the phone and quoted how much it would cost to clean out the dryer vent and air ducts. Brian and Jerry came to do the work. They were very friendly and kept the price at the quote I received over the phone. It is now safe for me to dry my clothes in the dryer and the air in my house will be cleaner when I run the furnace again. Thank you Pure Aircare for great service!

    Elliott Astro-Imaging Avatar
    Elliott Astro-Imaging
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Had my vents and ducts done this morning and Brian and Jerry were on time and we’re waiting for me as we just bought our house and wanted it to be cleaned before we officially move in and they were thorough and did every vent and return and they sanitized so everything went without a hitch…i would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you again brain and jerry

    mike reilly Avatar
    mike reilly
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were my tech’s and did a thorough job. They left the house clean and tidy. Very friendly and explained everything I needed to know!

    Elizabeth Killinger Avatar
    Elizabeth Killinger
    9/26/2019 – Google

    GO WITH PURE AIR CARE!I was impressed from the start. Aaron got back to me promptly, was so nice and thorough, and was willing to work with me. Brian and Jerry came to do the work and they were AWESOME. They were knowledgeable, honest, and fun to work with. I am very impressed. Everyone should get their ducts cleaned by Brian and Jerry at Pure AirCare!

  • PJ Bogoniewski Avatar
    PJ Bogoniewski
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry from Pure AirCare came to our house today to help us with an odor coming from our ducts, caused by our pets. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and very helpful. in about 30 minutes they were able to clean and disinfect the ducts affected by our pets. Then, they sprayed and sanitized them. They smell SO MUCH BETTER. We are grateful for the work they did and thought the price was very affordable.

    Christine Martin Avatar
    Christine Martin
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake did an amazing job cleaning and sanitizing our ducts. My 3 year old had been getting sick constantly and we had decided that getting our ducts cleaned and sanitized would be necessary since we had never been cleaned in the 10 years we have lived in the house. Jay and Blake were professional, honest, and efficient in their work. They were able to show pictures of the ducts and really showed us how worth it the cleaning was. Thank you for a job well done! We will definitely use your company again due to the high quality service provided.

    Alan Hunt Avatar
    Alan Hunt
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Great experience with the guys at Pure AirCare! They made sure the job was done right, took extra time to make sure everything was cleaned up afterwards. They clearly explained the service they were going to do before they started, no surprises. Would recommend to friends who need duct cleaning work done!Big thanks to Jay and Blake who were very professional and focused on getting the job done right!!

    Nishi Prabhakar Avatar
    Nishi Prabhakar
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake did a fantastic job cleaning the vents in the house . Very professional, courteous and efficient . Very neat, absolutely no mess once they were done. I would definitely recommend them and use the services of the company again.

    Rachel Goranites Avatar
    Rachel Goranites
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were excellent. They were on time; friendly and worked quickly. They were great to chat with and gave us advice for the future. We would definitely use this company again if needed and would request the same team.

    V Fitchlee Avatar
    V Fitchlee
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake were here this morning cleaning my vents. They were very professional and courteous. I would definitely use this company again.

    Carlene deacy Avatar
    Carlene deacy
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jerry is so polite .and Brian is just awesome and their work was just fabulousWill definitely have them back and refer them .

    Justine Graziadei Avatar
    Justine Graziadei
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Blake and Jay from PureAir were professional and knowledgeable. Their service went above and beyond what we expected ! The difference in the ducts before and after was shocking! Good work guys! Will use again! Highly recommended !

    Gail H Avatar
    Gail H
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I’ve lived in my home for nearly seven years, but prior to that …a couple was here for nearly 50 years. I could tell by the amount of dusting that I was doing….the air ducts must have been a mess. I was correct. Thanks to Jay and Blake…..I feel as if I have the cleanest house on the block. And you should have seen the gunk that was in the ducts. Oh My! Would highly recommend this company to anyone. They do NOT cut corners, and their employees are top notch!

    MariaKayGrace Avatar
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake did an amazing job! Very kind, professional, and hard-working!!

    Max Well Avatar
    Max Well
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry cleaned our ducts today. Excellent job.They were fast ,efficient and clean.I highly recommend Pure AirCare.

    Cory Littman Avatar
    Cory Littman
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Great service. Jay and Blake were friendly and courteous. Their service was well done and efficient. Would definitely recommend them and the company.

    RuthAnn Babcock Avatar
    RuthAnn Babcock
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Had air ducts cleaned back in July. Was reluctant at first but glad I had them done. I could tell the difference right away. Smelled fresh. Jay and Blake were great.

    Kevin Clor Avatar
    Kevin Clor
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry came today and cleaned the vents. They were awesome. They fully explained everything to me and I understood what was and wa snot being done before they started. The worked well, were very professional and cleaned everything up when they were done. They also gave me some tips and advice for better maintenance. I will CERTAINLY use them again.

    Anna Niedermeier Avatar
    Anna Niedermeier
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Called needed an emergency cleaning due to issue with my daughters lungs and they got me in very quickly! Jay and Blake were kind and extremely professional, went above and beyond. Highly recommend!

    Jessica Love Avatar
    Jessica Love
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and jerry came to my new Apartment and made it feel like home it smells so clean and fresh!!!!!! I’ll definitely recommend this company to anyone. Thanks guys great work good timing , great price

    Julie Schmidt Avatar
    Julie Schmidt
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I would highly recommend. Very friendly and knowledgeable and they were prompt and efficient. And after seeing how bad my vents were, I won’t wait so long to contact them again.

    Michael Lengyel Avatar
    Michael Lengyel
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Highly recommended. They have great service, you can notice the difference and are very polite.Thank you.

    Maria Gallant Avatar
    Maria Gallant
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I had Brian and Jerry to my home to clean my dryer vent. They were very efficient and polite. I definitely would call this company again.

    Joan Cline (JoanCline) Avatar
    Joan Cline (JoanCline)
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Jay and Blake, did and excellent work, they were very respectful and they took their time and updates us on everything they were doing. Jay took picture and before and after cleaning. Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job

    Brandon Bajdas Avatar
    Brandon Bajdas
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were such a delight and were very professional. They came to clean out my vents and did a wonderful job! I am so happy with their work and they both so handsome! Thanks Brian and Jerry!

    Gina Marcolini Avatar
    Gina Marcolini
    9/26/2019 – Google

    My home smells so much cleaner. thank you Brian and Jerry, you both were very efficient, thorough and very professional. I would highly recommend them.

    James Henderson Avatar
    James Henderson
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry did a fantastic job! Both were very professional and personable. Would highly recommend this company!

    Ken Fick Avatar
    Ken Fick
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Very professional job done by Jay and Blake in July 2019. Clean, efficient and respectful. I highly recommend!

    Brian Clapsadle Avatar
    Brian Clapsadle
    9/26/2019 – Google

    These guy r seriously great. Brian and jerry were so professional and just down right good people… thanks for the work gentleman

    Anna Anderson Avatar
    Anna Anderson
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Outstanding service! Jay and Blake did an amazing job cleaning out the vents in my new home. There was years of dust and build up in the vents and within a few short hours it was gone! Knowing that the vents are now clear is such a relief. Thank you Pure AirCare!

    Tim Kraft Avatar
    Tim Kraft
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Had an excellent experience with pure air care specialists Brian and Jerry! They were able to make it to Colden in the middle of a snow storm. Very professional and job was done quick and efficient! Thank you soo much!

    Constance Moran Avatar
    Constance Moran
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I have a 100 year old home and in the 12 years I have lived here I have never had the air ducts cleaned. I’m not sure they ever were by the looks of the photos Brian showed me. After talking to Aaron the first day I felt confident in hiring their services. Brian and Jerry spent alot of time here making sure they completed the job. They were polite, careful, thorough and funny 😂 I would reccomend them to anyone and will!

    Diane Lovullo Avatar
    Diane Lovullo
    9/26/2019 – Google

    We had our ducts cleaned in February by Brian, Jerry and a very nice trainee (he told me his name, but I forgot). I’m so glad they recommend for us to get our ducts sanitized. It has really helped my allergies. They were extremely professional and courteous. I’m extremely satisfied with the service I received. I strongly recommend using them to have your ducts cleaned.

    Gary Koch Avatar
    Gary Koch
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Comprehensive duct cleaning was accomplished to my complete satisfaction. The technicians, Brian and Jerry, were extremely knowledgeable and very personable. There was disagreement over the initial estimate and the subsequent price. After negotiations with Brian we came to a final price agreeable to both parties.

  • DANYELLE Hall Avatar
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Great experience Brian and Jerry were professional friendly and efficient!!Thanks again for a great job before my baby comes !!!

    Bryan Avatar
    9/26/2019 – Google

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME SERVICE!!! Brian and Gerry came in with a mission and took care of the vents in my house extremely quickly and professionally. Thank you!!

    Melanie Bernal Avatar
    Melanie Bernal
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Brian & Jerry were very thorough, friendly and went above and beyond to make me happy. The price was extremly reasonable & will definitely use them again!

    Sherrie Laufer Avatar
    Sherrie Laufer
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and jerry were great! I couldn’t believe the before and after pictures. I would definitely call to have them cleaned again by them

    Taylor Hodges Avatar
    Taylor Hodges
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Great service! Brian and Jerry were great. The job was done very fast and I was very happy with the results. Thank you again!

    Liv Lowery Avatar
    Liv Lowery
    9/26/2019 – Google

    I found them on groupon and looked them up on google to see they had 5 stars and I’m really happy I went with them ! Great customer service and knowledgeable. Great pricing and were not trying to rip me off once they got here like other companies have. And an added bonus they were great with my toddler ! Would definitely use their services again !

    Joe Naccarato Avatar
    Joe Naccarato
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Workers were thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. Great customer service! Would highly recommend this company. Brian and Jerry did and outstanding job

    Kelly Squires Avatar
    Kelly Squires
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Excellent service by Aaron & Blake!Our dryer was heating up, but taking double the time to dry clothes. It was suggested that our 20 foot long dryer vent may need cleaning. Aaron & Blake provided top notch service. They were on time, very polite and answered all of our questions. So happy that our dryer is working more efficiently!

    Erik Cosgrove Avatar
    Erik Cosgrove
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were very professional and courteous. They took me through the whole process and showed me before and after photos. I was very pleased and satisfied with their work. I noticed a reduction in dust in my home and cleaner air immediately.

    Michael Collura Avatar
    Michael Collura
    9/26/2019 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were fantastic They did a very professional job and were delightful to chat with. I would highly recommend their services.

    Ashley Vaccaro Avatar
    Ashley Vaccaro
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Best experience with this company. Very professional, they explained everything thoroughly! Definitely recommend! We immediately noticed the difference.

    Christopher S Avatar
    Christopher S
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Cleaned my ducts in my rental property… probably hadn’t been cleaned since the 1950s. PUREAIRCARE did an AMAZING job! Very nice guy and very respectable to the house, pets, etc.

    Adam Regdos Avatar
    Adam Regdos
    9/26/2018 – Google

    had an excellent experience with this company two weeks ago. We decided to have our ducts cleaned and sanitized. Our son was constantly sick. This company did a great job in our home. Our son if feeling so much better. so glad we chose this organization. Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you so much

    Paul Smith Avatar
    Paul Smith
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Our experience was outstanding. From the first time we spoke with Aaron on the phone when he answered all of our questions up through their work when Aaron, John, and Jerry came and did our cleaning; everything was first rate!If you’re thinking about air duct cleaning, it would be a mistake to overlook this team. My wife and I are both breathing better. I figured that the amount of money I’m going to save on sinus medication, Pure AirCare’s service almost pays for itself!

    Lisa Nicoloff Avatar
    Lisa Nicoloff
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Aaron was awesome! His team came in and were completely thorough and define “clean” air in the home. I have severe allergies to dust and have done nothing but clear my throat all day for years. Since they came I have not had one allergy symptom. Thank you Aaron and team at Pure AirCare! Love my house now allergy free

    Brad Sommers Avatar
    Brad Sommers
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Excellent job. Had 2-3 inches of dust and cat fur in ducts that haven’t been cleaned since the duct work was installed several years ago. Within a few hours the ducts were completely clean

    Nate Shavalier Avatar
    Nate Shavalier
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Great company and service all together. Jerry, Chris and Aaron were all very efficient, professional and respectful to our home. We had no idea how bad our ducts were until we reached out to pure air and in less than a week everyone is breathing and sleeping better. I would strongly reccomend this service to anyone who hasn’t had it done before. These guys work like a well oiled machine. Thanks Pure Air!

    Jeff Alvarez Avatar
    Jeff Alvarez
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Crew was professional and courteous on time with good prices. Very happy with the results.

    Kimberly Verost Avatar
    Kimberly Verost
    9/26/2018 – Google

    I had a great experience with this company! They phoned the day ahead to let me know what time they would arrive. They were on time. Very professional. The workers went over everything they were going to do with me and my husband. Answered all questions. After the work was completed, they showed me pictures of before and after. Wow! What a difference! I had never had this done before and I am now aware of how dirty your vents can get. I will definitely use this company again.Thank you Pure Air!

    Elaine Barbati Avatar
    Elaine Barbati
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Chris, Aaron, and Terry from Pure AirFare cleaned my sister’s air ducts today and it was a great experience. They completed the job in a quick and precise manner. Doing more than was expected and completing the job while my sister and her cat were present was such a relief. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.

    lhsopal Avatar
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Very thorough, very professional! You can tell the difference in the air quality! My wife hasn’t had congestion since they cleaned the ducts. Aaron, Chris, and Jerry rock! Thanks

    Allyson Youdsavage Avatar
    Allyson Youdsavage
    9/26/2018 – Google

    We just moved into our home that was a foreclosure/ flip that sat vacant for 5+ years then remodeled. The construction clean up was great but we still had a funny smell in the basement. After Brian & Jerry were here not only is the smell gone they removed pieces of drywall from the vents along with years of built up crud!! The whole team at Pure AirCare was very knowledgeable, professional & caring. We will most definitely call them up when we need our ducts cleaned again!!

    Glennerd Berry Avatar
    Glennerd Berry
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Great company! Aaron and his team came out and went above and beyond including shoveling my driveway after the big snow storm we just had! Very fair pricing and knowledgeable group. Gave me a full analysis and did everything they said they would. Left my house cleaner than when they first arrived! Would recommend to anyone looking for a company to clean their air ducts the right way.

    Cj Emmons Avatar
    Cj Emmons
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Good company. Honest was happy with work and pricing. Seeing the amount of stuff that came out of the duct work was well worth it.

    Laura Dobe Avatar
    Laura Dobe
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Brian and Jerry were right on time and I felt completely comfortable having them in my home. They cleaned all of my ducts, intakes and dryer vent and did a great job. They left my house clean and were willing to answer any questions I had. Definitely worth it as I found my dryer vent was almost completely plugged. I will have them back again for future cleanings.

    Nathan Potter Avatar
    Nathan Potter
    9/26/2018 – Google

    I am a new homeowner. Glad I had this service done. Very professional crew.

    Susan Christie Avatar
    Susan Christie
    9/26/2018 – Google

    Pure AirCare came and cleaned our vents to perfection! Brian and Jerry were friendly and courteous. They explained completely what the process was before they started. Our house is wonderful and clean and smells wonderful! They got a ton of cat hair out of the cold air returns. I would recommend this company to everyone!

    Glen Gebhardt Avatar
    Glen Gebhardt
    9/26/2017 – Google

    Aaron was beyond professional. He was on time and answered all of my questions. I now have peace of mind knowing that I am breathing cleaner, healthier air in my home.

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