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Purify your air with UV Light. Sanitize the air ducts in just a few minutes.

At Pure Air Care, we offer UV air duct sanitation services to help improve the quality of your indoor air. UV Air Duct sanitation is a process of purifying the air in your home by using UV light to kill mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. This type of service is often used in hospitals and other high-traffic areas where cleanliness is essential. While UV air duct sanitation is not a replacement for regular cleaning, it can be an important part of maintaining a healthy indoor environment. 

In homes with pets or small children, UV air duct sanitation can help to reduce the risk of illness by reducing the amount of mold and bacteria in the air. For people with allergies or asthma, UV air duct sanitation can also help to improve air quality and reduce the triggered by airborne contaminants. If you are considering UV air duct sanitation for your home, be sure to ask about the different options available and find a service that meets your specific needs.

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Home UV Sanitation

At Pure Air Care, we understand the importance of breathing quality air. That’s why we offer UV air duct sanitation services to help rid your ducts of mold and other harmful particles. Our air sterilizer uses UV light to kill mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, leaving you with clean, fresh-smelling air. UV sanitization is an effective way to improve indoor air quality and keep your family healthy. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you achieve the cleanest air possible.

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Stop Germs From Spreading In Your Home With This Air Sanitization System.

Better Air Quality – Eliminate airborne pollutants from circulating around your home or office.

Energy Savings – UV light is an all natural solution that saves up to 65% on energy costs.

Longer Coil Life – Keep coils clean so they last as long as possible.

Clean Air – Ultraviolet light system will kill 99% of microorganisms present

Boost Efficiency – Eliminate biofilm, germs, bacteria, mold spores

Safe & Effective – UV light is completely safe for people, pets, and the environment; it’s also a proven health benefit.

Save Money – Ultraviolet systems can reduce energy consumption up to 30%

Convenient – Ultraviolet light is available whenever you need it—day or night, rain or shine.

Easy to Install – We make it a cinch to install our UV disinfection systems!

Improve Your Air and Breath Easier

Get Rid of Allergens – UV sanitization devices can reduce or eliminate allergens from your HVAC system by eliminating dust, pollen, soot and smoke

Eliminate Odors – HVAC systems are not just a necessity for homes; they’re also important in commercial spaces such as restaurants or offices. Ultraviolet light will ensure an odorless work environment.

Increase Air Quality – HVAC ultraviolet light systems target the coils in your unit to prevent the growth and build-up of bacteria, fungi and other pollutants such as dust, pollen, soot and smoke.

Get savings with one of our packages

Standard Duct Work Cleaning Package

Our patented Pure Air Care System, operated by our expertly trained technicians, cleans the inside of your ductwork while each and every register is thoroughly cleaned by a second technician who removes each cover, vacuums out the boot, wipes down the interior of the boot, vacuums off the register cover and installs it back in its original location.

We don’t use Collum or Stevenson, which is basically a piece of rubber or plastic that runs through your ductwork. We use brushes that actually scrub the ducts, and then use a negative air device that suctions up any dirt and debris that has been removed to get your air ducts 100% clean.

Standard Duct Work Cleaning Plus Package

Our Plus package includes all the same features as our Standard Duct Work Cleaning, but with the additional Dryer Vent Cleaning using the exact patented System. 

In some situations, we replace the flexible line as well. Bundling these together results in a 10% savings.

Unlike some of the other companies that can only guarantee 70–80% clean up, there’s never any grime or leftover debris left behind.

Advance Duct Work Cleaning Package

Our Advance air duct cleaning package combines all the same features as our Standard Duct Work Cleaning with dryer vent cleaning plus UV Light sanitation. This package will allow you to maximize the benefits of newly cleaned duct work by adding UV Light sanitation inside the duck work.

These help keep the air in your home completely sanitized, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi, while also helping to remove odors for cleaner, healthier air. Bundling them together will result in a 15% savings.

What Our Customers Say...

Carly Knight Avatar
Carly Knight
8/05/2022 – Google

Brian came out and checked out our vents. Very knowledgable & Professional. Highly recommend!! He helped us out a TON, on issues we didn’t even know were present. Thank you Brian!!!

Big Beadlady Avatar
Big Beadlady
8/01/2022 – Google

Jay and Amanda were timely, professional and worked as a team. Jay crawled into a tight and dirty space to get the job done right. Pleased and grateful!

Cheryl Aldrich Avatar
Cheryl Aldrich
7/25/2022 – Google

Steve and Amanda were extremely professional and friendly! They explained the process, and were kind enough to work around my daughter who works from home. I am very impressed with the company and the employees they have! Would highly recommend them to everyone!

Nijade Burley Avatar
Nijade Burley
7/25/2022 – Google

Jay & Amanda were professional and thorough. Thank you!

Bill Ruffino Avatar
Bill Ruffino
7/14/2022 – Google

Great company to do business with. Very informative and took excellent care of my ducts. Highly recommend using these guys, very professional!

Meghan Gadawski Avatar
Meghan Gadawski
7/14/2022 – Google

Jay and Amanda did an amazing job! Had the HVAC system cleaned and the dryer vent cleaned. On time and very professional!